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Miami Yacht Rent Franchise Opportunity

Miami Yacht Rent Boating Business

Our Boat Clubs Are Experiencing Massive Growth! And You Can Join Us!

As the sharing economy continues to grow and expand, the booming demand for Easy, Affordable and Smart ways to get on the water seems indisputable. And the validation of our innovative, membership-based approach comes from the most important source of all: the 1000+ enthusiastic, paying members who are leading happier, healthier and less stressful lives thanks to Miami Yacht Rent. We are looking for the right people…individuals and groups with the resources, vision and dedication to excellence it will take to introduce the exciting Miami Yacht Rent concept to their market.

Creating memories & opportunities for 30+ years

Launched more than three decades ago, Miami Yacht Rent was one of the pioneers of the boat-club business. We bring our members the fun and adventure of the boating lifestyle without the expense and hassle of boat ownership – while bringing our owners opportunity and success as entrepreneurs living the waterside dream!

Miami Yacht Rent Boating Business

Why join a club?

Our Miami Yacht Rent boats are a simple alternative to buying a boat. Previous boat owners and new boaters alike join our clubs to enjoy the fun and memories of being out on the water while avoiding the storage, hauling, cleaning and maintenance of owning a boat.

For about one-third the cost of purchasing a single boat, our members get unlimited use of a wide variety of boats – from ski boats to sailboats, pontoons to fishing boats – and the convenience of valet boating service: When they come to the club, their reserved top-notch boat is clean, gassed and loaded up with their requested water toys; they simply hop in, turn the key and go.

When they’re done for the day, they just return to the club, dock the boat and head home. Monthly dues cover unlimited boat use, complimentary use of a variety of water toys, and reciprocal boating privileges at our other Miami Yacht Rent’s around the country. Members are responsible for replacing the gas they use.

Miami Yacht Rent Boating Business

Why start a franchise?

As the owner of a Miami Yacht Rent franchise, not only are you the boss of your own successful business, but your business is also an enviable lifestyle – when you go to “the office” every day, you’re going to work [and play] on the water!

Once you decide to invest in a Miami Yacht Rent, we never stop investing in your success. We’re at your side throughout the preparatory phase, providing hands-on experience at an operating club, up to 30 days of individualized training, and on-site assistance as you launch your new business.

You receive not only our comprehensive operations manual, but also our proprietary club-management software – and training for how you can use it to practically autopilot your daily business activities. Additionally, you get support from a terrific network of other club owners, ideas and insights from our annual conferences, and reciprocity among clubs.

Miami Yacht Rent Boating Business

A Business for You

With Miami Yacht Rent your dream to combine your passions of boating, being on the water and flexing your strong business background is now within reach. Miami Yacht Rent is the most exciting Franchise business opportunity in the boating industry in the past 10-20 years. As a Miami Yacht Rent Franchisee you will enjoy a challenging and rewarding lifestyle.

  • Do you have a Vision for building a successful boating business in your local area and waterway?
  • Do you have a passion for the water and boating and the lifestyle that goes with it?
  • Do you have the entrepreneurial talents and Sales and Marketing background that is required to build a successful business from the ground up?
  • Do you have the time and/or flexibility in your schedule to be able to focus your energies where they are necessary to start a successful business especially in the start up phase?
  • Do you have access to seed capital for operational and marketing budgets to start a new business?
  • Do you have sufficient credit to finance your business’ first boat?


From its inception, the Miami Pulse concept was designed to be a great business to own. As a Miami Pulse franchise owner, you’ll enjoy a number of advantages, including:

Miami Yacht Rent Boating Business

Aggressive Marketing

Miami Yacht Rent and its individual locations deploy energetic marketing programs designed to attract first-time and experienced customers, to establish a strong referral network and to encourage high client usage and retention. Tactics include, website, PPC, SEO, email marketing, direct mail, print, public relations, phone directory, word-of-mouth, boat show and open house campaigns

Miami Yacht Rent Boating Business

Fully Computerized Operations

While boating and boating may be an ancient art, our back end and support system is state-of-the-art. Miami Yacht Rent customized management software helps coordinate all aspects of the business, from fleet operations, member scheduling to membership and sales tracking to financial management and reporting.

Miami Yacht Rent Boating Business

Multiple Revenue Opportunities

In addition to potential membership and core service fees, Miami Yacht Rent has created and continues to develop new and improved products that maximize sales through additional potential revenue centers.Please see our site for existing products as upcoming products we will not mention here

Initial Investment

$100,000 - $250,000

Marinas And Individuals With Existing Boating Assets Can Potentially Start With A Smaller Investment

Enterprise Miami Yacht Rent Boating Business

The Initial Investment Includes…

  • Downpayment on 3 boats…
  • The first year of monthly payments for boats…
  • Slip fees and insurance…
  • Office space…
  • Staffing…
  • ​Marketing materials
Enterprise Miami Yacht Rent Boating Business

And you also get…

  • ​Proprietary Marketing, Sales, And Operation Materials From 17 Years Of Experience…
  • Special Boat Discounts…
  • National Access To All Clubs For Your Members…
  • Territorial Rights…
  • Complete Freedom In Your Pricing…
Enterprise Miami Yacht Rent Boating Business

The Initial Investment Includes…

  • The Average Club Breaks Even With Only 6 Members Per Boat!After That, You Enjoy 100% of Your Profit!

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