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Historic Hidden Gem Destination: Harbor East

Whenever you’re in Baltimore, you simply can’t miss out on a trip to Harbor East! This premiere waterfront neighborhood has everything you could possibly want and need from a trip to Baltimore, from fancy shops and boutiques to the biggest nightclubs and nightlife destinations in the city, with a fair bit of history attached to them as well.

Harbor East is the neighborhood to be for any yacht captain and crew looking to dock in the historic city of Baltimore, and Harbor East Marina is your spot for docking and taking it all in!!

Historic Hidden Gems in Harbor East

Historic President Street Station

Historic President Street Station is a must-visit for any history buff in Harbor East. This railroad station now stands as a museum detailing its history, from the Underground Railroad to a run-in with President Lincoln.

First started in 1849, President Street Station is the oldest surviving railroad station in the US and has survived its fair share of history, including the infamous Baltimore Riot of 1861 during the Civil War. It was converted into the Baltimore Civil War Museum in 1997 following renovations before being reverted back to the Historic President Street Station.

National Historic Seaport

Baltimore has an incredibly rich maritime history. Being well known as a strategic seaport since its humble beginnings, it is no wonder then that the waterfront areas of Harbor East and neighboring Inner Harbor are just full of historic streets, buildings, and places where you can learn more about the deeper stories behind this iconic waterfront.

Just strolling down the cobblestone streets by the pier will take you right back in time to the city’s earlier days. The waterfront also features plenty of opportunities to dive deeper into the history of the city. Historic Ships in Baltimore in nearby Inner Harbor offers you firsthand glimpses into what life was like on some of the most famous ships in America’s maritime history, from an authentic Civil War stoop-of-war to a World War II-era submarine. Also located nearby on Pier 5 is the Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse, the oldest screw-pile lighthouse in Maryland and now a museum detailing the maritime history of Baltimore’s seaports.

You can also just ride a water taxi or paddleboat and do some sightseeing around the pier, from Harbor East even all the way to Fell’s Point. Baltimore’s National Historic Seaport is a definite must-see whenever you’re in the area!

Historic Hidden Gem Destination: Harbor East

Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Maritime Park

The Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Maritime Park is home to the first African-American-owned shipyard and a museum dedicated to two very important African-American figures in the history of Baltimore and its seaports. Named after two abolitionist leaders, the Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Maritime Park Museum chronicles both their lives, their efforts to uplift the African-American community, and maintains their legacy to the city’s history, from its maritime roots to its human rights movements.

Provisioning and Local Fare

Aside from being a premier waterfront neighborhood with plenty of historical sites and picturesque views, it’s a wonderful place to get a taste of that delicious local fare too!

This being Maryland, Harbor East is simply full of appetizing seafood and, of course, famous Maryland crabs. You’ll find no shortage of 5-star restaurants serving up hot seafood, crab cakes, and more of that rich East Coast cuisine we all know and love.

If you’re eager to dig in to some of the best food you’ve ever tasted, pay a visit to some (or all!) of our recommended 5-star restaurants, conveniently located right near Harbor East Marina. For some of the most excellent seafood in all of Baltimore, the Oceanaire Seafood Room is a top choice for delectable Maryland crabs, steaks, and other classic seafood fare. Ouzo Bay is another wonderful option for great seafood and modern Mediterranean cuisine.

For an elegant dining experience and sophisticated atmosphere, New American-focused Charleston is just a few steps away from Ouzo Bay and Cinghiale, an upscale Italian restaurant that serves authentic modern Italian cuisine, handmade pasta, and an award-winning wine list.

Historic Hidden Gem Destination: Harbor East

If you’re in the mood for some sweet, boozy drinks and craft cocktails, head on over to the Loch Bar for their extensive whiskey list — the largest in Baltimore, in fact — and The Bygone for that chill, rooftop ambience to go with your drink. These are also great spots to enjoy the nightlife and have a drink after a hearty dinner. If you’re looking for more excellent places to while the night away with a drink or two or more, The Elk Room is a modern 1920s-style speakeasy with delicious cocktails. Other good options include the James Joyce Irish Pub & Restaurant and Ouzo Beach for some waterfront ambience.

And not to worry — all of these fantastic restaurants and bars are located just a walks away from Harbor East Marina, making it simply the best place to dock in Harbor East, with world-class amenities and superyacht capabilities that’ll leave you more than satisfied with your stay!

Harbor East Marina can accommodate vessels over 300ft with alongside dockage, a party pad for special events, pristine shower and laundry facilities, and boaters lounge with wifi. Harbor East Marina is also known for their remarkable customer service and attention to guests from the moment they arrive, and throughout their entire stay on the docks.

Need some provisions for your guests and crew? Harbor East is a fabulous place to shop! Whole Foods Market in Central Avenue is your one-stop organic market and grocer with an extensive selection of locally-sourced ingredients, produce, and seafood. If its wine, spirits, beers, and mixers you’re after, Bin 604 Wine + Spirits, located just above Whole Foods Market, offers some of the best spirits in Baltimore, as well as free same-day delivery within Baltimore.

Everything you need is right here in Harbor East!

Harbor East cannot be beat as a high-end destination on the Chesapeake Bay. is the place to be! Whether you’re a yacht captain, part of the crew, or a guest on board, Harbor East is the best boater destination in Baltimore for everything from sightseeing, provisioning, fine dining, and enjoying the nightlife!


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